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White River Basin   Black River Basin   Arkansas River Basin   Little River Basin

White River Basin

  • FYGA4    White River at Fayetteville, AR
  • HDGA4    War Eagle Creek at Hindsville, AR
  • BRYA4    Kings River at Berryville, AR
  • GLNM7    James River at Galena, MO
  • FLTCK    Flat Creek below Jenkins, MO
  • BBCM7    Bull Creek at Branson, MO
  • PSZM7    White River at Powersite Dam, MO
  • BRADL    Beaver Creek at Bradleyville, MO
  • LNFTF    Little North Fork River at Thornfield, MO
  • OMBA4    Bear Creek at Omaha, AR
  • YEGA4    Crooked Creek at Yellville, AR
  • SJOA4    Buffalo River at St. Joe, AR
  • TBCM7    Bryant Creek at Tecumseh, MO
  • TNZM7    North Fork River at Tecumseh, MO
  • WRNA4    White River at Highway 341, AR
  • CLRA4    White River at Calico Rock, AR
  • FSXA4    North Sylamore Creek at Fifty Six, AR
  • BAGA4    White River at Batesville, AR
  • NPTA4    White River at Newport, AR
  • AGGA4    White River at Augusta, AR
  • CIGA4    South Fork Little Red at Clinton, AR
  • SRGA4    Middle Fork Little Red River at Shirley, AR
  • DEWA4    Little Red River at Dewey, AR
  • JUDA4    Little Red River at Judsonia, AR
  • GEOA4    White River at Georgetown, AR
  • DSCA4    White River at DesArc, AR
  • DBGA4    White River at DeValls Bluff, AR
  • CLDA4    White River at Clarendon, AR
  • SCHA4    White River at St. Charles, AR

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Black River Basin      

  • JSIM7    East Fork Black River Lesterville below Hwy N, MO
  • ANNM7    Black River at Anapolis, MO
  • BANM7    Black River below Anapolis, MO
  • ELLIN    Logan Creek at Ellington, MO
  • LPRM7    Black River at Leeper, MO
  • WLMM7    Black River at Williamsville, MO
  • PPBM7    Black River at Poplar Bluff, MO
  • CRGA4    Black River at Corning, AR
  • VNBM7    Current River at Van Buren, MO
  • DNZM7    Current River at Doniphan, MO
  • POCA4    Black River at Pocahontas, AR
  • EPGM7    Eleven Point River at Bardley, MO
  • RVSA4    Eleven Point River at Ravenden Springs, AR
  • IMBA4    Spring River at Imboden, AR
  • BKRA4    Black River at Black Rock, AR
  • PKGA4    Strawberry River at Poughkeepsie, AR

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Arkansas River Basin

  • SLCO2    Lee Creek near Short, OK
  • VBRA4    Lee Creek at Van Buren, AR
  • VBUA4    Arkansas River at Van Buren, AR
  • RDYA4    Frog Bayou at Rudy, AR
  • MLBA4    Mulberry River at Mulberry, AR
  • CRKA4    Spadra Creek at Clarksville, AR
  • LMRA4    Little Piney Creek at Lamar, AR
  • DVRA4    Big Piney Creek at Hwy 164, AR
  • STVA4    Illinois Bayou at Scottsville, AR
  • DARA4    Arkansas River at Dardanelle, AR
  • BONA4    Petit Jean River at Booneville, AR
  • WLDA4    Dutch Creek near Waltreak, AR
  • DANA4    Petit Jean River at Danville, AR
  • CNTA4    Petit Jean River at Centerville, AR
  • HTVA4    Point Remove Creek at Hattieville, AR
  • MORA4    Arkansas River at Morrilton, AR
  • GUYA4    Cadron Creek at Guy, AR
  • GRVA4    Fourche LaFave River at Gravelly, AR
  • HOLA4    South Fourche LaFave River at Hollis, AR
  • APLA4    Fourche LaFave River at Aplin, AR
  • HUSA4    Fourche LaFave River at Houston, AR
  • LITA4    Arkansas River at Little Rock, AR
  • PBFA4    Arkansas River at Pine Bluff, AR
  • PFAA4    Arkansas River at Pendleton, AR
  • YCNA4    Arkansas River at Yancopin, AR

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Mississippi River Basin

  • CIRI2    Cairo, IL
  • HEEA4    Helena, AR
  • ARSA4    Arkansas City, AR

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Little River Basin 

   Little River to Horatio
  • GLOO2    Glover River near Glover, OK
  • IDAO2    Upper Little River near Idabel, OK
  • EAGO2    Mountain Fork River at Eagletown, OK
  • DQNA4    Rolling Fork River at DeQueen, AR
  • HRGA4    Little River at Horatio, AR
  • VVRA4    Cossatot River at Vandervoort, AR
  • DEQA4    Cossatot River at DeQueen, AR
  • DIRA4    Saline River at Dierks, AR
  • LCKA4    Saline River at Lockesburg, AR
   Red River to Fulton
  • ARCT2    Red River at Arthur City, TX
  • DEKT2    Red River at Dekalb, TX
  • INGA4    Red River at Index, AR
  • FLTA4    Red River at Fulton, AR

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